National Literacy Trust

Professional story teller Tony Dallas returned to the centre for a fourth year, enchanting a group of captivated school children with his interactive storytelling. He works in a number of schools running “Success Clubs”, designed to develop and change the way people think about their own abilities, success and performance, through inspiring and modelling a positive, active mindset. Eleanor Wright, Communities Executive, is in touch with Tony to discuss a possible future collaboration.

Organised as part of the Young Readers Programme, the event evolved from the relationship between Surrey Quays and the National Literacy Trust, and designed to inspire children under the age of 11 to read in their spare time, and to see reading as a fun and creative activity. This program stems from a study that showed that reading outside of the classroom instigates higher reading levels within the classroom.

The Canada Water library, situated at the edge of the centre’s car park, also took part in the event for another year, encouraging children to make door hangers whilst promoting their summer reading challenge.

In 2016 Tesco became involved in the event for the first time and provided a “farm to fork” session which included identifying various vegetables and fish in-store. It was fantastic to have so many people involved in this extremely important, worthwhile event. The more we can do to inspire learning in young locals, the better! 

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